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Pma SRL is a company with decades of experience, the activities are consolidated in the development, design and production of a flexible range of special automatic equipment, in particular:

- Assembly benches
- Robotized milling islands.
- Robotic islands for automatic assembly.
- Special cuts for plastic elements.
- Assembly machines.
- Specific production lines.
- Gluing molds for Hot Melt glues and Bicomponent glues.
- Robotized welding islands for metal components.
- Automated lines for packaging.
- Vision systems for quality control.



PMA SRL is also able to design and develop special machines based on the specific needs of its customers.
The design of the products follows the objective of quality (which manifests itself in precision, simplicity, speed and reliability), innovation, product and, last but not least, price.

The Management of PMA SRL is firmly convinced that supplying quality products is the main and most demanding task to consolidate market share and obtain a competitive advantage over competitors.
Innovation and service are also fundamental aspects of the overall quality that a supplier must make available to customers and, consequently, the attention will be strongly focused on these areas.

The ultimate goal of PMA srl is mainly to consolidate its positioning on the market, in order to retain customers and expand the future scenario.
The main customers that we follow directly in their various Italian and foreign operating offices are:

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